Gary Robinson ~ “breathe”

at Origin Gallery  from 27th April 2017

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Gary Robinson ‘My own Concern’, Acrylic, gesso, pencil, blueprint, wall paper, indian ink on paper, 20×10 inch

Artist Statement:

This work has been made with a spirit of surrender and enquiry. There have been no short cuts, and every mark leads onto the next. Essentially, these paintings are mark making exercises, tracing a memory, with each individual mark evolving, having free reign to develop in an unpredictable fashion. surroundings are my raw material.
This exhibition relies on memory, and a willingness to avoid any pre-planned approach. The work on paper in particular, begins in a random, haphazard fashion using grocery lists, handwritten notes, my own mutterings and overheard conversations…
This paint is then scraped back, uncovering and remembering. Working this way offers countless directions, and by its nature, is open to mistakes while at the same time embracing ambiguity. Nothing is revealed immediately, and I would encourage viewers to examine, read the text, become involved and take time. We are all on our way somewhere, and in a world that seems to be constantly moving, filling us with information, I would hope that this work slows us down, encouraging us to pay attention to ordinary life”.
Show continues until May 9th 2017 at Origin Gallery

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