Culture Night at Origin with Linda Graham

Culture Night
If you missed the opening by PAT KENNY of Linda’s exhibition ‘The Bones of the Place’, here is another opportunity to catch a glimpse of her latest extraordinary collection…


Virtual reality ARTIST TALK from Nottingham, UK
THIS Friday

16th Sep 2016
7 – 8pm
Wine served from 6.30pm
Limited seating, booking advised or +353 (0)1 662 9347
Thanks to all of you who came to the wonderful opening of my recent exhibition.

I had a lovely evening thanks to you, and for those who could not make it, you are still precious to me and I’m sorry I missed you.

Missing my home and my friends and my land is a sad preoccupation now, but I still look forward to getting back to my home town, the best city in the world, Dublin, and the best landscape, Kerry. (Apologies to the rest of the West, I love you too).

My work is about passion and pain and truth and beauty – and every now and then, when the light shines through, it’s about joy, the joy of colour and life.

I will see you on Culture Night, with the help of St. Jude as I am unreliable around technology.  Let us hope for a good connection, if not I trust the work to speak on my behalf,

Love and miss you,

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